Over the past three years, the F.MARMILLON / TECOPLAST GROUP worked to consolidate its fundamentals which are :

  • Economic and sustainable Development
  • Social progress for our employees
  • Protection of the Environment


This year 2014 is the start of a new triennial. Strong of the consolidation of our fundamentals, F. MARMILLON / TECOPLAST has the means of its ambition :

Becoming a European actor recognized in the design, the development and the manufacturing of parts and / or sub-assembly in automotive, lighting, furniture and building sectors.


To do so, the F. MARMILLON / TECOPLAST GROUP decides to lead a shared plan of actions of which main axis are :

  • To conquer new market shares by more efficiency in our business development – Restructuring of the commercial offer and its deployment
  • To set up in SOUTH EUROPE in order to act on the entire European perimeter
  • To develop the Group synergy between France & Slovakia entities by strengthening know-how sharing
    To endow Tecoplast of the vacuum metallization at 2 years horizon
    To share good manufacturing practices between F. MARMILLON & TECOPLAST entities (LEAN process started in Slovakia)
  • To achieve synergy between injection & extrusion by eliminating work cleavages
  • To maintain the development of metallization activity under the following axis :
    To improve the profitability of this activity
    To develop the technicality of this activity


These axis of economic development cannot be achieved without an approach and an environmental sensitivity.

Ecological development prevails more and more at the European level, and we have to be watchful about compliance with the operative regulations, but above all anticipate tomorrow rules.

As such, the environmental department is reinforced since 2 years with a person alternately whose main mission was to upgrade our regulatory watch.


But environment as security are everyone’s concern!

That’s why the year 2014 will be devoted to sensitize all the staff to the rules of respect of our environment and security system.

To prepare production sites OYONNAX & TECOPLAST the ISO14001 certification during the new audit triennial which will begin in 2015.



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